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puree vegetables for dogs

Written by Hilary Wilkie

Hilary is a qualified canine nutritionist, who is passionate about educating dog parents on optimal ways to feed their dogs so they can thrive.

8 July 2022

This might come as a surprise to you since we’re all about feeding fruits and vegetables to dogs, but dogs do not have a physiological requirement for vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. However, the addition of plant based ingredients will benefit your dog and enable them to thrive, rather than just survive. They provide your dog with nutrients not found in meat, bones and organs. 

The preparation of the vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds is just as important, if not more important than including them into your dog’s meal. The inclusion of fresh whole fruits and vegetables prepared optimally play a critical role in the health of the digestive system and microbiome of your dog. For your dog to absorb these nutrient dense superfoods of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds they need to be pureed, blended, fermented, lightly cooked or grounded.

Dog Digestive System

Let’s take a closer look at the dog digestion process…

Your dog’s mouth and teeth are not designed to eat plant matter whole. Their teeth are sharp and pointed. They are designed to rip and tear flesh off bone, just like wolves do in the wild. They do not have flat teeth, like that of a horse or rabbit, that are designed to grind plant matter.  Also, their mouth lacks the enzyme (salivary amylase) that  breaks down starch, the key component of fruits and vegetables.

Your dog’s digestive tract is shorter in comparison to ours because their stomach is more acidic. This enables them to easily digest meat, but is inefficient at breaking down the cell walls of plants, which takes fruits and vegetables longer to digest. If you feed your dog a carrot stick you will most likely see it come out the other end in its entirety, albeit covered in poop.

Thus, when feeding your dog fruits and vegetables it is essential that they are prepared in a manner for them to digest and absorb the nutrients. We took this into consideration when preparing Original Blend for your dog.

As they are so mechanically poor at plant fibre digestion, it is by removing plant fibre from the equation via a light cooking or pulverising their veggie options, that we allow them access to the goodies inside.

Dr. Conor Brady

Dog nutritionist and author of Feeding Dogs, Dry or Raw? The Science Behind the Debate, Dogs First

Leafy greens

Leafy, fibrous vegetables need to be pureed, fermented or lightly steamed for optimal absorption. With Original Blend, our leafy, fibrous vegetables include broccoli, kale and celery. We puree them to break down the fibrous cell walls.

Starchy vegetables 

Starchy vegetables need to be fully cooked. For us, that would be the pumpkin that is included in Original Blend. We lightly steam the crown pumpkin (skin and all) until it’s nice and soft. It is then pureed with the other vegetables.


The fruit we include, apples and blueberries, also need to be pureed for optimal nutrient absorption.

Pureeing Original Blend allows us to help break down the tough cell wall of plants, which will make it easier for your dog to digest. Essentially, we are mimicking the pre-digested plant matter of a prey animal that a wolf or dog would find in the wild.

Remember plants provide beneficial vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients and enzymes not found in meat based food sources.

Dogs are individuals

Your dog is not the same as its littermate, its housemate or the dog down the street. Like us humans they are unique, individual beings. Some dogs will thrive on the addition of fruits and vegetables in their diet, while others may struggle or may need smaller amounts. We encourage you to do further research on the pros and cons of including properly prepared vegetables and fruits into your dog’s daily diet.  At the end of the day, feed the dog in front of you.

Ready to help your dog thrive?

We made Original Blend for your dog’s health, you add for your love of them. Give it a try today!

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