We make feeding fresh easy

Fresh whole food supplements for dog parents that want the best for their dogs.

Thrive Dog Kitchen helps busy dog parents struggling to maintain and improve their dog’s health and well-being with our frozen fresh supplements that can easily be added to their dog’s meal, ultimately leading their dogs to thrive.

We offer a variety of ways to add whole foods into your dog’s diet with our frozen blends and broths. All our supplements are made to support your dog’s health.

  • Whole food ingredients

    Adding quality whole food ingredients will improve your dog’s health and well-being and may reduce the risk of illnesses.

  • Locally Sourced

    Partnering with New Zealand growers, our blends are made from responsibly sourced ingredients. Grain-free, preservative-free and gluten-free.

  • Nutritious & Easy

    All our products make it easy for you to feed your dog healthy foods they will love to eat every day to keep them thriving. 

Fresh Food Meals for Dogs

Made for health, add for love

Adding fresh foods to your dog’s meals should be quick and easy. That’s why all our supplements can be added to your dog’s bowl with little fuss while providing them the nutrients they need to thrive.


What dog guardians are saying

  • “The quality is amazing”

    I purchase form Thrive Dog Kitchen because I know the quality is amazing and that Hilary is super passionate about how she feeds her dog, Jessie. Thrive Dog Kitchen comes in an easy to use container, frozen and environmentally friendly. It’s a great addition to your dog’s diet without being too expensive and my dogs love it.”

    Pip Dellabarca, owner of Dogs 101

  • “Ralph’s coat has never been shinier”

    “I purchase the blend because I feel that even top of the range dog food from the vet isn’t providing my dog all that he needs. I loves the philosphy of Thrive Dog Kitchen, particularly Hilary’s commitment to whole, fresh foods. I feel good knowing Ralph is getting a range of nutrients in his food that you simple can’t buy anywhere on the shelf.”

    Sian Patterson

  • “I highly recommend this product”

    “We have three Dachsunds and we feed them Thrive Dog Kitchen food every day because the ingredients of this lovingly made nutrient packed food means all out dogs’ nutritional needs are met.

    We simply add it to their cooked chicken breast or sardines everyday. I highly recommend this product and they love it too.

    Tanya Nicholls

  • “A superb product that is well prepared”

    “Thrive Dog Kitchen’s passion in supplying us with a superb product backed by research and knowledge has provided many positive benefits for my dog.

    Hilary’s generosity to support me in sharing her knowledge while we continue to transition, is commendable.”

    Dianne Suisted

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