Founder of Thrive Dog Kitchen

Kia Ora!

I’m Hilary. My mission is to provide you and your dog fresh whole food supplements that they will love and will help them thrive. Why? So you can spend as much time with your dog, well into their retirement years.

From the humans who love dogs for the dogs who love humans.

We created Thrive Dog Kitchen to remind you that your dog’s health and well-being is their most precious asset and making it your top priority is a great investment for their life.

We know that you want to feed your dog the best food possible, but convenience can get in the way of health.

Sound familiar? It’s happened to me with our dog paying the price.

We started Thrive Dog Kitchen because we wanted to make it easier for dog parents to add a bit of fresh food into their dog’s bowl.

It all started with a dog named Jessie

Thrive Dog Kitchen started out of necessity for my own dog’s health. A few years ago Jessie was a fat dog, who needed to loose weight before it really impacted her health negatively.

Conventional kibble-based weight loss foods didn’t work. I felt frustrated, lost and like I was failing as a dog parent. Luckily, we found a vet, who put Jessie on a fresh food diet and we’ve never looked back.

Seeing what a positive impact adding fresh foods to Jessie’s diet had on her I knew that the same could be said for other dogs. . . not just overweight dogs…all dogs.

Original Blend was our first product aimed to make feeding fresh simple for dog parents like yourself.

Whole food supplements for all dogs

As you might expect from a dog food company, our first priority is to make the highest quality, most nutritious, crave-worthy dog food supplement.

But I also wanted to create products that connected to the health of my dog and your dog while connecting with Papatūānuku (mother nature) through the ingredients selected and the way in which our supplements are made, as minimally processed as possible.

Put more simply our products are made for health and you add for love.

Our whole food supplements are created so dog parents can improve their dog’s health and well-being by enhancing their diet.

Our dog supplements are suitable for all types of dog food, from fresh feeders and dry kibble to raw dog food or a mix of all; we know you are focusing on the best dog food for your dog.

We’re inviting you to make one simple pledge:


It’s the first step to enabling your dog to live a long and healthy life.

We are a here to support you on your journey to feeding more fresh foods to your dog.