Book Review – The Forever Dog is a Must-Read for Dog Parents

Written by Hilary Wilkie

Hilary is a qualified canine nutritionist, who is passionate about educating dog parents on optimal ways to feed their dogs so they can thrive.

26 January 2022

Every dog parent wants their dogs to live forever. In this must-read guide for dog parents, The Forever Dog, Surprising New Science to Help Your Canine Companion Live Younger, Healthier and Longer, Rodney Habib and Dr. Karen Shaw Becker take you on a journey on how you can extend the life of your furry four-legged companion with their Forever DOGS formula. The formula covers “diet and nutrition; optimal movement; genetic predisposition; and stress and environment.” 

Why Read The Forever Dog?

The authors, who are world leading dog advocates, break the book into three parts

  1. The history of how modern dogs are more unwell than their predecessors;
  2. What we can learn from the longest living dogs; and
  3. How to turn your dog into a “forever dog.”

Their practical approach is paired with extensive science-based research.  

The authors provide you with the information, tools and knowledge to implement small, but effective changes in your dog’s life. Plus, each idea can easily be incorporated into your’s and your dog’s life.

One changes they suggest includes “sniffaris.” Sniffaris allow your dog to sniff whatever they want for 10 minutes a day, so they can explore the world through their nose. Another suggestion includes feeding CLTs (core longevity toppers) of fresh whole foods. As a result, you improve your dog’s life one meal at a time in a simple and effective way.

Habib and Becker’s manageable and evidenced-based steps for you to implement in your daily life will support your dog’s health and well being.

If you want your dog to have a bit more pep in their step, wags in their tail, then this how-to guide is for you. Thus, trying just one of Habib’s and Becker’s suggestions for your dog will put them on the path to living a longer, healthier and thriving life. 

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