How to Improve Your Dog’s Diet

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Written by Hilary Wilkie

Hilary is a qualified canine nutritionist, who is passionate about educating dog parents on optimal ways to feed their dogs so they can thrive.

17 May 2023

Want to give your dog’s next meal a healthy boost?

When you welcome a dog into your home, deciding what to feed them is very important because it is a key contributing factor to their well-being, alongside exercise and mental health. Feeding your dog foods that nourish are important for them to live a long and healthy life.

Whether you feed your dog raw pet food, dry food, fresh food or biologically appropriate raw food (BARF) there are certain foods that make great additions to their diet because they are nutrient dense.

If you’re feeding a predominantly dry food diet adding a fresh whole food meal topper is a great and simple way to boost your dog’s intake of nutrients.

If your dog’s diet is based on fresh foods the inclusion of alternative foods ensures your dog consumes a variety of vitamins and minerals.

No matter what you feed your dog there are simple, convenient and most importantly, healthy foods to incorporate into your dog’s diet.

Do what works best for you and your dog.

How to improve your dog’s diet

Our whole food supplements are great examples of foods that can easily be added into your dog meals whatever type of food they are fed

They are prepared to support optimal digestion for your dog, so your dog gets the most out of each spoonful. Blending the supplements aids in the absorption of the most nutrients for your dog.

Our supplements are an easy addition for dog parents that feed a raw food diet, dry food one or anything in between.  Simply add a spoonful to your dog’s meal.

You are the same as us, you want to feed your dog well for optimal health. When purchasing food for your dog choose foods that are made without additives, preservatives, gluten or synthetic minerals.

Remember, food is medicine.

Check out the feeding guidelines for your dog!

  • Add a spoonful or two to every meal! It’s fresh whole foods that your dog will love!
  • Our supplements come frozen. Keep in the freezer until ready to use.
  • Thaw in the refrigerator.
  • Use within 5-7 days.
  • Portion any leftovers into ice cube trays and re-freeze.
  • Add the supplements to any type of diet to give your dog’s food a healthy boost, including, fresh, raw food, dehydrated/freeze-dried, BARF diet, kibble, tinned or dog roll. 
  • Adjust serving amounts according to your dog.
feeding guidelines

4 simple tips to start your dog on our supplements

  1. Start with a very small amount of the supplement.
  2. Thoroughly mix it into their existing diet, so they don’t notice it.
  3. If you feed your dog twice a day, introduce the supplements at their morning feed.
  4. Slowly increase the amount over time until your dog is eating the recommended daily amount.

For more tips and ideas read our blog post – Make Feeding Fresh Food to Your Dog Fun

We are happy to say we have zero unnecessary additives in our supplements.

Ready to add a bit of fresh food to your dog's next meal?

With our supplements it is easy and convenient to add a spoonful of fresh whole foods to your dog’s meal. Remember, a healthier dog is one spoonful away.

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