Frozen Pupsicle Recipe with Original Blend

Frozen dog treat recipe

Written by Hilary Wilkie

Hilary is a qualified canine nutritionist, who is passionate about educating dog parents on optimal ways to feed their dogs so they can thrive.

11 February 2022


Approx 12

Ready In:

15 minutes + freezing time

Good For:



About this Recipe

Frozen Pupsicle Recipe

The summer is a great time to get out and relax with your dog. But, it can also be extremely hot for them. And sometimes, all they want to do is find any way to cool down.

Using a bit of Original Blend you can make your dog frozen pupsicles.

This is a great treat to feed your dog on a hot day or even a cold day without too many extra calories. Read on to learn how to make your own version of our frozen pupsicle recipe.

Supplement for dogs


  • Original Blend
  • Plain yogurt (optional)
  • Edible sticks



  • Ice cube moulds, or
  • Muffin tray

Use only plain flavoured yogurt, as flavoured yogurt often will have added sugar.

Ideas for edible sticks include vegetables cut into sticks, lambs or rabbit ears, or a stick treat that is 100% natural and preservative free.

Step by Step Instructions

Frozen Pupsicle Recipe

Step 1

Defrost Orginal Blend.

Step 2

If using yogurt, add a spoonful to the bottom of each mould.

Step 3

Spoon Original Blend into the moulds on top of the yogurt layer.

Step 4

Insert edible stick into each mould.

Step 5

Place in freezer to freeze overnight.

Step 6

Remove from moulds and store in airtight container in the freezer.

Check out how much Jessie enjoys her pupsicle in the video below. Share your video of your dog eating theirs on social media and tag #pusicleoriginalblend. We love seeing how other dogs enjoy these treats.

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